prism international school - hyderabad


A Typical Day @ PRISM


8:30 am, when the first bell tolls, the tranquil campus of PRISM is transformed into a sea of humanity attired in school colours of red and blue. Yes, a day in PRISM has begun with the morning assembly. It's business as usual after that. The crisp and clear message delivered during the assembly, the smart turnout of the drill class, the lively melodies ringing out from the music room, the silence of the library, the magic of our computer wizards – you name it – Prism has it all. From counselling to the specially designed programmes for the students with learning disabilities – we cater to the needs of every student present here. Learning experiences coupled with fun are the aims of the various clubs. Interesting methods of teaching capture the minds of students and transport them to the realms of knowledge. The fierce competition among the Houses, lunches shared, accompanying a sick classmate to the infirmary, reaching out to someone in need - there's never a dull moment here. There's so much happening here. From the toddlers of the playschool to the seniors, waiting to step out into the world with poise and confidence, prove one thing - an Student is always a cut above the rest.